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Dinner & a view

Earlier this week, Jordan (one of the returning drivers at the Ice) invited me to a restaurant in Jasper called "Kimchi". Now...I have been known to be a lover of food in the past, and it's not uncommon for me to drive small distances just to eat a tasty meal. Of course, this story is nothing new. So Kimchi is in Jasper, which from us at the Icefield is around a 1.5hr drive. So some of you may be thinking, "That is way too far to go just for food!" - and that's fine, you're allowed to be wrong.

Jordan and another returning driver called Andrew have raved about this restaurant for a while now and I figured it was time I see what all the fuss was about. So I went with the two of them to Jasper.

Upon arriving at Kimchi, the owner, Monica excitedly greeting Jordan & Andrew. They both looked at me and laughed. "We've basically put her kids through college!" - Jordan. At this point, I realised just how often these boys must have gone there. Monica sat us down and immediately got us drinks while we looked at the menu. Of course the boys knew exactly what they were having and didn't need to neither did I, I just ordered what they were getting.

We were all feeling pretty hungry, so for some crazy unknown reason, we decided to order Hot Pot, a meal each, plus a large serve of dumplings to share...and beers. The amount of food on our table was honestly ridiculous, but also so amazing at the same time. Monica looked at us with surprise but also smiled, she knew we wouldn't get through it all, and we didn't. We had enough to take home for lunch the next day, which was amazing!

The food was amazing, their service was great too. I've definitely found my new favourite restaurant to eat in Jasper. However, I just need to not order so much next time!

After dinner we were so full, we could basically roll out the door. Jordan suggested walking off our food before we headed home, otherwise we would all pass out into a food coma on the drive home. He took us to a lake just 10 minutes outside of Jasper called "Lake Annette" and it was stunning. It was basically sunset at this point, around 10pm, so the lighting was gorgeous. The lake was glassy, clear and smooth, the trees still and the clouds were moody. It made for amazing photographs.

Basically the entire reason for me writing this particular blog post was to tell you about the delicious food I ate, and an excuse to share my photos of Lake Annette. So now you've heard about the Korean are the photos, enjoy!


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