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i'm back!'s been a while

I have't posted a blog in over a month. Sorry...I've been outside doing stuff and things...

I have been on so many adventures so this is going to a bit of a recap blog to give you a little update on whats been happening in my life for the past month. It's been a good one!

First off, we have Banff. Yes, I have been there before, but I hadn't been up Tunnel Mountain before, and the views early morning were gorgeous. It's just a little mountain and on took 1.5hrs up and down. Tim and I were the only ones up there, the lighting was epic and the colours were awesome! See for yourself:

Secondly, I've also gone adventuring on the Athabasca Glacier. One night around 8pm after dinner a group of us went exploring our own backyard and spent some time climbing around on the glacier we work on everyday. The sunset was unreal, the the views were stunning and the ice was slippery. The photo on the left side is a crevasse (massive crack) in the glacier. This one was easily 5m wide, 20m long and who knows how deep. We couldn't even see the bottom, it just faded to black. So of course we made sure we got really close to the edge and unsafely lent over to get a good view.

Thirdly, Panther Falls. This waterfall and absolutely gorgeous spot is less than 10min drive away from where I live. Our adventure here was later in the afternoon and was last minute decision as our previous plans didn't work out. This was one of those situations that really just proves that going with the flow, making up your plans as you go and making the most of a bad situation can really pay off sometimes.

The fourth epic adventure was to Banff again, however this time it was sort of for work. Sort of meaning, I got to stay at the beautiful Mount Royal Hotel in Banff & visit the Banff Gondola for their Sunset Festival. The hotel was gorgeous, the rooftop spa was amazing too, and the views from the top of the Gondola at sunset were wonderful. The other amazing thing about that weekend....I purchased a car. So I now have wheels in Canada!

Mount Royal Hotel:

Banff Gondola Sunset Festival:

The fifth adventure was one of my favourite things I have done since getting to Canada. I took my beautiful new set of wheels camping with Tim near Canmore. We stayed 1 night at Three Sisters Campground & 1 night at Spray Lakes. Both of these camp sites were great but the absolute highlight of the trip was the EPIC helicopter flight we went on over Canmore and the Rockies. This flight was jaw dropping, not only my first time in a helicopter but the mountains look incredible from above. I will definitely have to do this flight again in the winter!

The water bottles in these photos are provided by a company called Lifesaver. They reached out to me a month or so ago to work with them as a promoter and photographer for their brand. I was super stoked as these bottles instantly purify water, ever dirty river water and make it drinkable in seconds. Basically, perfect for adventure, hiking and camping!


Alpine Helicopters Canmore:

Then finally, today 14th August, I went for a little adventure just down the road from where we live and got some awesome shots along the river and at some waterfalls just off the Icefield Parkway.

So that has been the last month out to say Canada & I get along pretty well. I am loving life here and it hasn't even been 5 months since I left... I cannot wait to see what future adventures are to come!


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