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I'm In L❤ve

I was in love in Canada before I even got to Banff...but this places has absolutely taken my breath away. Banff is the sweetest little town, the people are incredibly friendly, the food is delicious and the scenery is beyond beautiful. Literally everywhere you look, there are massive mountains surrounding the town.

My first day here (Wednesday 28th March) I arrived by bus at 5pm, found my hotel, dropped of my things and went for a walk around town with my camera in absolute awe of the place (the number of photos I took was ridiculous). The photo above is taken just at the end of the main street looking out over the river that flows through town.

After exploring the little town I dropped of my things at the hotel and headed out to find somewhere to eat. I met some amazing friendly travellers from the UK and we went to an awesome Mexican restaurant for dinner and a few beers before heading to bed at midnight.

Thursday was another beautiful day, the sun was shining and it was a lovely warm day with a top of -3°C. The day was started with me converting my Australian licence to an Alberta one (I need this for my new job I am starting next week). I also signed up for Canadian Health insurance, as I am covered because I have a letter from my employer....and I booked in to a doctors as I am required to get a Medical Examination for the new job too.

Then after I'd done all my adulting for the day, we (myself, Joe and his sister Lydia) spent the middle of the day exploring Banff being typical tourist, attempting to climb mountains in shoes without spikes (the trails were absolutely covered in ice and insanely slippery, so we failed and couldn't get to the top). In the afternoon we visited the hot springs in the mountains just above town with another friend, also called Lydia.

Then for the night we went to "The Eddie"- an amazing burger joint, where we all got sent into massive food comas. Well worth checking out this place if you're ever was delicious and had a rad vibe.

The night ended with food coma, editing some photos and reading all the material I'd been sent to peruse before we commence work.

Now the most important part...Banff itself, enjoy.


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