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This is it...

6 months ago I began seriously considering what things I valued most in life. While family and friends are at the top, those things don't change with time. Family isn't going to leave, and the amazing friends that I've chosen won't either. So for me, the most important things are: learning, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, sharing stories and of course, having fun.

So living in Brisbane wasn't offering me the life I craved. While it offered me a full time, permanent job in my field, I wasn't satisfied with that. Sure it has been great to work for some large companies, and I have met some incredible people along the way, but it still wasn't fulfilling what I needed.

So 6 months ago I decided that moving abroad was the thing I needed to do. It would push me well outside my comfort zone (which is usually pretty large) and I would throw myself into an adventure head first. So began the visa applications, the police checks and so on...

Today, March 19th 2018, is 4 days before I leave Australia, and it's becoming real. For the past two weeks I've been soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the beach life at the Sunshine Coast before I head over to the snowy cold weather on the other side of the earth. This has been my backyard in my final days at the coast...But sand between my toes is coming to an end...I've got my flights booked, travel insurance organised and my bag packed, that means I'm ready right?

Well...sort of. I'm flying Brisbane - Auckland (short layover) then Auckland - Vancouver (around 15hrs of flying all up). I'll be in Van for few days, exploring, taking photos, meeting people and obviously drinking coffee! After Vancouver I jump on a bus at midnight for another 15hr journey to Banff, where I have a couple of nights booked in a hotel.

But the crazy thing is...after those first few nights in Banff, I have absolutely no plan, no idea of what I am doing, no work lined up, no where to live and I can't wait. That is where the journey really begins...stay tuned and wish me luck!


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