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Welcome to Vancouver

I've been in Vancouver for two days now, and absolutely loved it. I was lucky enough to stay with a friend for the first few nights here, and through her I have met some amazing people. Vancouver is awesome, the people are so lovely and it's easy to get around...I feel at home already.

Going back a few days to my actual travel...My flight from Brisbane to Auckland was great. I sat next to this lovely old couple who were super chatty and we talked for almost the entire 3 hour flight about places we've been, what we've done, and shared our travel stories. This made the whole flight go so fast and I was in New Zealand before I knew it. As we landed in Auckland it began to rain, but the late afternoon sun was shining through the clouds and beautifully lit the beaches & ocean.

I had 2.5 hours to kill in Auckland airport before my next flight to Vancouver. The airport was pretty small, and there was a lot of people, so finding somewhere to sit and chill out was tricky. After finding somewhere, I edited a few photos and listened to music while waiting for my next flight.

Once I finally boarded my flight to

Vancouver I had a spare seat next to me, which was awesome, having a little more room to stretch out and sleep made all the difference. The flight from Auckland to Vancouver went so fast, I watched 1 movie, ate then slept and ta-da, it was time to land. Immigration was a breeze, my friend picked me up from the airport and took me to her place to drop off my luggage.

After a while of catching up, we went for dinner and a few drinks at a local bar which was hosting a "Science Slam"(basically a poetry slam, but people had 5 minutes to wow the crowd with science in a comedic manor). It was so not what I was expecting for my first 12 hours in Van, but it was awesome. Then we spent some time yesterday at the local markets, doing the tourist thing and seeing some local sites.

So jumping back to today, it's almost 3pm on the 25th March. The people I have met are amazing here, so welcoming and friendly. This afternoon we are heading up to the mountains, everyone here is going to ski and snowboard and I am going to tag along. (There isn't a lot of point hiring all the gear and buying a pass just for a few hours on the slopes, especially when I haven't done it in so long.) I'm taking up my camera, going to try get some awesome shots of everyone shredding and get some awesome mountain shots too.

So's been awesome and I can't wait for more!

ps. I got a job, but more on that later...


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